Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome to Room 14

Room 14 ready for a new year!

Hope everyone is excited for a new year.

This is the new blog for Room 14.  The aim will be for the the classroom blog to have the following purposes:  
  • Recording our learning.  If you miss school for whatever reason, you can check on the blog and catch yourself up.
  • Share our learning journey with the world around us.  Parents, families, friends, other students around the world can see what life is like in Room 14.
  • Sharing links to other websites including our own individual blogs (which we will create this term).
  • Recording our Inquiry journey each term.
  • Sharing photos and videos that we have created.

Hopefully you will all find it an excellent learning tool.

Room 12's and Room 14's shared morning tea.

On Friday the 'Whakatau' gave the school an opportunity to welcome the new students and families to the new community of 'Huapai'.

After the ceremony the children and new families shared a morning tea together, which was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to all in supporting the event. It was greatly appreciated.

Family Fun Day

On Friday we had a Huapai's first 'Family Fun Day'.

In reading, parents very much got into spirit of joining in with performing play scripts to the class.

Thank you for supporting the children is was greatly appreciated.

The cast of 'Shortland Street' need to watch out as we have some budding actors and actresses in our community!

Mr Greene's Last Day at Huapai

Thank you for all the kindness and best wishes extended to me on my final day at Huapai. As mentioned in my speech: 

Honoured in being presented, and then wearing an "All Black" top in the final assembly.

"Thank you for welcoming me into your community and letting me become a part of it, because I will never forget it ….. trust me I never will!"

Time for cake!

Thank you to Amanda, Ann, Darrell, Emma, Lou, Melissa, MJ and Rachel for coming to help and assist with R14's shared morning tea.

The beautifully decorated cake made by Catherine.